ConX-Xero Integration

7 Common Pitfalls when Construction Estimating
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The ConX-Xero integration is a link between your ConX quotes and your Xero account. Simplify your business processes by automatically turning a material and quantity takeoff into a Quote and sending to Xero at the click of a button - reducing manual data entry, saving you time and increasing accuracy.

Getting Started

1. Upload a project to turn a material and quantity takeoff into a quote

2. Once you've created a quote on ConX, you can choose to "Send to Xero"

3. You will be prompted to link your account to Xero

4. Once connected, your data will be instantly sent from your ConX quote and translated into a new quote on Xero

5. From there, you can edit your Xero Quote and send it to customers, or convert that into an Invoice or Purchase Order

Data Flow

ConX Xero Integration Data Flow

Xero Customer Sync

You can turn on and off your Xero customer integration at any point via ConX settings.

ConX Xero Integration
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