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Sep 7, 2021

General Contractor Web Design: A Guide

General contractor web design shouldn’t be overlooked. Here are tips on getting started, fleshing out your site, and how a smart design can help customers.

General contractor web design is strategic. You don’t want just an online presence, you want a strong online presence. Your website design should outline everything a customer could want to know, from services offered to estimates.

How do I get started designing my contractor website?

If you don’t know where to begin, there is general contractor web design software that can lead the way. Software does much of the work for you so you’re able to concentrate more closely on your other responsibilities. The right software will tailor your website to your exact needs and can be adjusted as you see fit.

How do I create sections for my website?

Your website should have different sections for different services. For instance, if you’re a remodeling contractor, you should have a dedicated section that details the exact kind of work you’re experienced in and possibly even general estimates for different kinds of jobs.

How can my website design help my customers?

Your website is an opportunity to not just bring in leads, but also to serve your existing customers. By tying in the software you use for things like project management, clients can sign in and have direct access to you. By keeping this process on your main webpage, it makes one less hoop for customers to jump through to check progress on their project(s).

General contractor website design is simpler than you may think. Choose the right software, separate your specialties into different sections, and give existing customers greater access through the site. A well-formed website means better business!

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