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Sep 7, 2021

Intrigue and Delight: A Guide to Painting Website Design

What’s the fuss about your painting website design? Here we discuss what good design looks like, tips for finding a provider, and how it can benefit business.

These days it isn’t just about having a business website, it’s about having a GREAT one. That’s why a solid painting website design is so important. You want one that intrigues potential customers and delights current or former ones. Let’s dig in.

What makes a good painting website design?

Your website should be eye-catching from the very first page. It should include testimonials from satisfied clients and photos of your work. Contact information must be included on every page. The layout should be relatively simple, not cluttered and overwhelming. Include a section just for current clients where they can check up on their projects.

How do I choose a good painting website design builder?

Always look for free trials that really let you take a good look at the program as a whole. Does it make it easy to check in on your website? Are there ways for your customers to benefit from more than just information — online payment options, perhaps? Check down your own list for desired features.

How is a good painting website design important for growing my business?

To start, it attracts online customers. With devoted client sections, customers feel a more meaningful bond. The right design will also streamline the CRM process from lead to closing. All the while, you can focus on getting jobs done more quickly.

Your painting website design is the soul of your online presence. Don’t compromise on quality! Remember: intrigue new customers and delight existing ones.

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