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Sep 7, 2021

Contractor Project Management Software and Other Tools

Overwhelmed with general contracting duties? Learn about helpful software including contractor project management, invoicing, and time expense tracking software.

These days it seems like everything is done digitally, and no matter your field, work is often no exception. Contractor project management software, invoicing software, and time expense tracking software are all excellent tools. They can bring you into the 21st century and make your general contracting business practically run itself.

What is contractor project management software?

Contractor project management software helps by keeping your client and vendor information all in one place, organized in a fashion that makes it easy to navigate. It streamlines everything so you and your team are all using the same resource to complete jobs. It also allows you to keep easier track of closed accounts so they will no longer get lost in the chaos of paper records.

What is invoicing software?

Invoicing software makes one of the more tedious-yet-vital processes infinitely easier. It helps keep track of where clients are at with payments, often sending reminders to you if someone is behind. It can break down each job into an itemized list so you can see which areas are increasing your profit margins. That way, you can focus on attaining more profitable projects.

What is expense and time tracking software?

Expense and time tracking software is one of the most valuable devices for your business. It allows you to track each employee’s progress on each project, making accountability much easier (and fairer). It even holds you accountable to yourself!

It’s easy to shy away from new technology as it may seem complicated. Fortunately, this kind of software is very user-friendly and you can implement it immediately.

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