4 Benefits of Painting Takeoff Software

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Are you still performing your painting takeoffs manually?

If so, then this guide is for you.

We understand that construction takeoffs of any kind can be time-consuming, and for many professionals, this is their least favorite part of the job.

So, if you love painting and decorating, but hate spending hours in the evening putting together takeoffs, then you need to implement construction takeoff software suitable for painters in your business.

But don’t just take our word for it, below we’ve put together a list of four benefits to using painting takeoff software. We’ll also share some of the best platforms out there right now.

1. You Can Improve Efficiency And Productivity

 Performing manual takeoffs takes a lot of time and effort, whereas using painting takeoff software makes this process a lot quicker, easier, and more reliable.

It also makes it possible to increase efficiency and productivity using the repeatable process. These tools allow you to quickly measure areas and quantities when putting bids together and repeat this each time you need a new takeoff.  

What’s more, painting takeoff software alleviates the need to find the right drawings and plans, get these on your device, estimate the materials needed, put all of this into a spreadsheet, and then turn it into a presentable estimate for the client.  

Instead, it allows you to do all of this from one platform without the need to search, print, scan, or upload multiple documents.

 It makes the estimating process a lot less painful and also leads to more efficient and consistent takeoffs. 

2. These Tools Enable Better Collaboration

There are several different painting takeoff softwares you can choose from, and these will offer different features. One of the key features that lots of platforms will offer is the ability to have multiple users. Many are also cloud-based platforms meaning that these can be accessed and used from anywhere with an internet connection.  

These two factors combined mean that painting takeoff software is great for enabling collaboration across teams, even remotely.  

It allows painters and contractors who are working on the same project to work and communicate in real-time, which can lead to a better job, as well as better estimates and bids.

Plus, some of the tools also allow you to integrate your takeoff software with other platforms that make doing your job possible. For example, the ability to transfer information quickly and easily to accounting software such as Xero, Quickbooks, or Excel.  

This helps to keep your entire team organized and working together, even when they aren’t with each other in person.  

3. They Help to Deliver More Accurate Bids

Your chance of winning a project is only going to be as good as your takeoff. Therefore, you want to make sure it is accurate, looks professional, and doesn’t contain any errors.

This is where painting takeoff software really shines because these digital tools make it easy to organize and manage plans, blueprints, quantities, and even prices of materials. This is because many offer access to a live database that updates the cost of materials as and when they fluctuate.  

This means that your estimates can be updated in real-time as the prices change, making them as accurate as they possibly can be.

Not only this, but these tools have features that make it possible to accurately measure volumes, surface areas, heights, perimeters, and more.

This means no more worrying that you’ve made a mistake or combing through the numbers five or six times to double-check. It isa much faster and simpler way to bid for a painting contract and one that can help to relieve the pressure off you or your estimators.

4. You’ll Have a Competitive Advantage

Keeping all this in mind, it’s easy to see why painting takeoff software can give you a competitive advantage over other contractors. These help you to:

•      Create bids much faster

•      Make sure your bids are as accurate as they possibly can be

•      Ensure your bids look professional (adding branding to the top of your estimates)

All of this is sure to impress potential clients and help you to get ahead of your competition, especially those who are still doing manual takeoffs.  

Some of The Best Painting Softwares Out There

As we’ve briefly mentioned, there are several different painting takeoff software providers out there offering different features, price points, free trials, and more. Because of this, choosing the right one can take time and is not a decision to be rushed.  

If you’ve not used any sort of construction takeoff software before, we’re here to offer some pointers. Below, we’ve put together a list of 9 of the best platforms out there this year. These include: 

1.     ConX Measure

2.     PlanSwift

3.     STACK

4.     eTakeoff

5.     Estimating Edge

6.     Square Takeoff

7.     On Center

8.     PROtrade

9.  RapidBid

But before settling on any platform, check out what features they have on offer to determine if the platforms will meet the needs of your business. With lots of platforms offering free trials, you can test out a platform or two before committing. This way, you’ll ensure you’ve chosen the painting takeoff software that is best for you.

Are You Ready to Implement Painting Takeoff Software in Your Business?

So there you have it; we’ve shared just four of the key reasons why painting takeoff software could benefit you as an individual service provider or as part of a business. Just be sure to take your time when selecting the right platform. Checking out some of the top providers we’ve outlined above is a good place to start.

And if you’d like to know more about the different types of construction takeoff software out there and how these could also support your business, check out our related reading below.

Get started with a free account in minutes.