5 of the Best Concrete Takeoff Softwares for your Business

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5 of the Best Concrete Takeoff Softwares
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For many construction professionals and contractors, putting together estimates and quotes can actually be one of the most time-consuming and tedious parts of the job. This is especially true after a long day on the tools.

However, new digital technologies have been created to offer a solution. Construction Takeoff Software has been designed to make this part of any project much quicker, easier, and more efficient.

This is something that Concrete Contractors are very happy about.  

But how have they done this? Well, this is where concrete software comes in.

What is Concrete Takeoff Software?

In a nutshell, concrete takeoff softwares are a computer or cloud-based applications that allow users to extract material counts, measurements, costs, and more, in order to put together an estimate (or quote) of what materials will be required and what a project will cost.

 These tools have a number of benefits which is why so many construction companies have begun to embrace these. Some of the key benefits include:   

•      Calculating precise concrete areas and quantities for the most accurate quote

•      Working out costs of materials and labor to ensure the biggest profit margins

•      Monitoring budgets and any fluctuations in the price of materials to make sure the project doesn’t go over budget

•      Creating custom takeoff templates that can be used again and again to save time in the future

•      These templates are also professional looking to help win more bids and secure more work  

How do You Choose The Right Concrete Takeoff Software?

But knowing the benefits of using concrete takeoff software isn’t enough on its own. If you’ve decided that your business could use these tools, you need to make sure you do your research to find the right one.

After all, you don’t want to invest in a platform that doesn’t work for you, doesn’t have the features you want, or you just can’t get to grips with.

And we’re here to help with that.

Below, we’ve put together a list of five of the best concrete takeoff softwares available right now. By looking at each of these in more detail and listing out some of the top features, you can get abetter understanding of what these platforms have to offer.

This will also give you a better insight into which platforms might be the best solution for your business. Some of the best concrete takeoff softwares right now include:

1. ConX Measure

First on our list of concrete takeoff softwares is ConX Measure. The tool allows users to measure lengths, areas and to calculate the volume of concrete in just a few minutes. This cuts down the time needed to manually work out these figures.

It also makes it much easier and more accurate to set up pricing templates for cement, sand, aggregates, and other important materials.

Concrete contractors are one of the largest cohorts of trades using ConX Measure due to its simplicity.

 As well as these helpful measuring features, this budget-friendly tools also comes:

•      As a cloud-based software for real-time collaboration

•      With the ability to convert takeoffs into quotes in one click

•      Marked up drawings can be downloaded and sent to the client

•      With Xero integration

•      With built-in training and tutorials to help you learn as you work

In order to give you the opportunity to fall in love with the platform, ConX Measure offers a 14-day free trial with no commitment or bank details required.

2. On-Screen Takeoff

On-Screen Takeoff is a construction takeoff software solution for contractors and construction professionals.

As well as offering seamless integration with applications like Quick Bid, Excel, and other accounting applications, some of the key features of On-Screen Takeoff include:

•      Point, click, and drag functionality

•      Auto-count objects, annotations, and callouts

•      Intelligent paste logic

•      Multi-condition takeoff

•      Style sheets and templates

As with the previous provider, there is also a 14-day free trial available before purchasing the software.

3. PlanSwift

PlanSwift is a Windows-based construction takeoff software designed for both commercial and residential contractors.

For takeoff and estimating the smart way, PlanSwift makes measurements quick and accurate,  instantly and accurately calculating costs and profit margins, and offers custom pre-built assemblies.

The slight downside to this is that you must useMicrosoft in order to integrate with this platform. However, a free 14-day trial is on offer, so you can give it a go before committing.


STACK is a cloud-based takeoff and estimating software that makes calculating concrete for foundations and other projects simple and easy.  

As one of the most popular takeoff softwares on the market in the USA, STACK offers important features and functionality such as:

•      Flexible measurement types

•      Easy rebar calculation

•      Integrated labor costs

•      Pre-built and custom materials

•      Plans, specifications, and document management features

STACK is designed to work well for everyone in the industry, from junior tradespeople to concrete contractors. Unfortunately, there is no free trial available, but there is a free option available you can try out before investing in the premium version.

5. eTakeoff

eTakeoff makes it much easier to measure cubic yards for concrete and sand, as well as length and weight of rebar and other important materials. 

What’s more, the software quickens the pace and accuracy of your concrete takeoffs. It does so by offering exciting features such as sophisticated assemblies, true database structures, multi-user technology for collaboration, and superior Excel integration.

 Not only this, but you can also take on a 15-day free trial or simply sign up for the basic version of the software which is completely free!

These are just five of the key players out there right now, but there are also plenty of other platforms if these don’t tick all the right boxes.

Be sure to do your research and utilize free trials before you commit to any one concrete takeoff software. After all, you want to know it meets all your requirements before parting with your hard-earned cash.

If you’d like to know more about the different types of construction takeoff software available and how these can help the different areas of your construction business, you can check out more of our related reading below:

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