Top 10 Free Takeoff Software Trials

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Free Takeoff Software Trials
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Construction estimating is becoming increasingly important to many of those working in the construction industry.

While the industry as a whole might have been slower than others to move towards digitalization, many construction companies have now begun investing in construction takeoff software.

This has hugely improved their capabilities, profit margins, and the likelihood of securing work. It also makes the process of cost estimating much easier and more reliable. Some software programs also act as lead providers who find and vet quality construction leads, helping your pipeline remain full.

However, most of these takeoff softwares don’t come for free, and therefore, you need to make sure you find the right one for your business.

 And what is the best way to do this?

With a bit of research and a free takeoff software trial, of course. Which is why we’ve put together this guide.

Below, we’ve pulled together a list of 10 of the top free takeoff software trials to help you make an informed decision.

1. ConX Measure

The first estimating tool on our list is ConX Measure. Not only does this tool come with a huge range of benefits, but it is also possible to run a 14-day free takeoff software trial without parting with your credit card details.

This software is also very budget-friendly. After the initial free trial, prices range from $40 per month for the unlimited plan.

Some of the other key benefits of ConX Measure include:

•      Being online so there is no need to download any expensive software

•      This means users can get started with the tool in just a few short minutes

•      What’s more, those on the team plan can collaborate on projects together in real-time

•      The product interface is intuitive and really simple to use

•      Plus, built-in features teach you how to use the tools as you go

What more could you need from a takeoff software! 

2. Active Takeoff

Active Takeoff is a robust, on-premises takeoff tool that offers standalone estimating and takeoff applications. The company allows for a 14-day free takeoff software trial, and after that, prices start from around $698. Some of the reasons to chooseActive Takeoff include:

•      The tool helps those in the industry to significantly boost their productivity

•      The simple and elegant user interface means users are able to seamlessly manage the cost estimating process

•      ActiveTakeoff also provides Excel integration, conversion calculator, on-screen takeoff, 2D capabilities, and more

3. BlueBeam

If you’re working on large-scale and detailed projects, BlueBeam could be the ideal tool for your business. As well as offering a staggering 30-day free takeoff software trial, the benefits of this tool include:

•      It being an intelligent and user-friendly software

•      Having a number of different user profiles, each one tailored to showcase the different tools and functions

•      The software’s features are vast and varied, so this is not just a takeoff tool. You can also use it as an estimating database, document control system, and more

If you’re happy with your free trial, prices for the full service range from $525 a year.

4. CostOS

CostOS is a cloud-based and on-premise estimating solution that is ideal for teams who are working remotely. If you’re in this position, you’ll be able to benefit from both a free demo and a free takeoff software trial if you wish. Some of the other benefits of this software are:   

•      Its ability to increase productivity and accuracy

•      Bringing estimating tools together in one centralized and synchronized location

•      Real-time collaboration amongst teams

•      Options for 2D takeoff, 3D BIM takeoff, and GIS embedded takeoffs

 After the trial, pricing works on a subscription model that will be provided by the CostOS team.

5. Candy

Candy is a leading construction management suite that has been designed for the estimation and control of construction projects. This is a unique tool that features:

•      Project estimating

•      Quantity takeoff (QTO)

•      Planning

•      Forecasting

•      Cashflow

•      Valuations

•      Subcontract management

A free takeoff software trial is available from Candy, and if you want to go ahead with the subscription, pricing starts from $200 per month.

6. Buildxact

Buildxact is a cloud-based application, designed primarily for residential builders, that can be accessed from your computer or device. The company offers users a 14-day free takeoff software trial, as well as free helpful demos. Some of the reasons to choose Buildxact include:  

•      The tool’s ability to carry out quick digital takeoffs based on a 3D model

•      The simple and easy interface

•      The fact that the tool makes the process of costing up, quoting projects, and invoicing clients quick and efficient without needing to get an external costing solution involved

Then, after your free trial, prices can vary between $149 and $399 a month for a single user license.

7. Esticom

Esticom is a cloud-based construction estimating software that includes bid management, quantity takeoff, and construction estimating software all in one application. Some of the biggest benefits of this software include:

•      Helping construction professionals to quickly build accurate estimates and win more projects

•      The cloud-based tool means users can access their construction takeoff software from anywhere, any time, on any device

•      Projects can be organized by bid due date or project stage

•      Plus, tasks can be delegated quickly and effectively to available team members

The company also offers a 14-day free takeoff software trial. After this, prices start at $30 a month and increase up to $139.

8. Cubit by Buildsoft

Cubit byBuildsoft is a Windows-based software that is favored by a range of professionals in the construction industry, including estimators, builders, contractors, and more. The company offers a 14-day free takeoff software trial. After this, plans start from $150. Some of the top reasons to useCubit are:

•      The software includes features such as 3D takeoff, price lists, job analysis, reporting, and auto-revisions

•      You can integrate this software with your BIM system if you need to

•      The company also offer a free weekly training webinar and access to short ‘how-to’ videos

9. MeasureSquare

 MeasureSquare isa cloud-based system and, like CostOS, is ideal for remote teams as they can work on projects together in real-time. Other benefits include:

•      Useful drag and drop features for assigning work

•      The ability to duplicate rooms and copy floor or walls during the design stage

•      Training is provided online via webinars making it even easier for remote teams

And of course, MeasureSquare offers a free trial for 14-days and then a variety of plans and prices starting at $149 per month and increasing depending on your needs, though the annual subscription comes with a 20% discount.

10. PlanSwift

PlanSwift has been designed for use by a variety of contractors and can be tailored to fit a wide scope of construction needs. They offer a free takeoff software trial without the need to enter any credit card details. After this, the company asks for a one-time payment that starts at $1,595. Some of the highlights of this tool include:

•      Allowing you to import digital blueprints over and measure/mark these plans with ease

•      Offering key features such as accounting integration, estimating, takeoff, audit trail, and custom templates

Always Consider a Free Takeoff Software Trial

Before you commit to any construction estimating software, it’s a good idea to do your research and find out if your chosen company is offering a free takeoff software trial.  

This gives you a chance to test out the tool before parting with your money. If you’d like to know more about takeoff softwares, you can check out our related posts below.  

Get started with a free account in minutes.