Estimating & Tender Management Tools for Builders & Subcontractors

Send bulk quote requests with one click.

Issue RFQ's (request for quotes) to preferred subcontractors and seamlessly manage invitations and responses in one place.

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Send multiple quote requests in one click

For Builders

Manage your preferred subcontractors & find new teams on the Tender Marketplace
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  • Simplified communication

    No more messy email trails
  • Invite preferred subcontractors

    Get quotes from your trades at the click of a button
  • Connect with new subcontractors

    Tap into a new pool of qualified subcontractors
  • Compare quotes side-by-side

    Award jobs based on price and reputation
Quote like a professional

For Sub-Contractors

Receive quote requests from your Builder or find new work on the Tender Marketplace
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  • Manage your quotes in one place

    No more messy email trails
  • Be the first to get invited to quote

    Quote less and win more work
  • Find new work on the Tender Marketplace

    Search through open jobs in your area
  • Create professional quotes

    Turn your Takeoffs into professional Quotes

Tender Marketplace

Post tenders on the open network to get qualified subcontractors quoting on your jobs.
View Available Tenders
Tender Marketplace
  • Builders, get access to thousands of qualified subcontractors
  • Subcontractors, get access to open jobs in your service area
We're building our business with ConX. It has allowed us to bid on more work, win more jobs and grow
Richard Sanchez
SoCal Tile & Flooring, CA, USA
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